It’s the end of 2106 – Tarina Deaton

It’s the end of 2106

I'm sure you'll see a lot of these posts today and over the next few. I can't say there's going to be anything more profound in my post than in any of the others you'll read.

This was an exciting year for me, though.

I published my first book which is still receiving really great reviews. Something I hoped for, but there's still that tiny kernel of doubt that no one will like what I put so much time and effort into.

I was invited by Cristin Harber, a bestselling author and someone whose career and work I admire, to take part in a writing collaboration as part of Titan Worlds. I was honored and SO nervous – her fanbase is rabid loyal and writing about characters they love was intimidating to say the least. Add in the daunting task of combining my world and hers, I was honestly a nervous wreck (I'll probably still be a wreck until Rescued Heart releases). But it's been exciting and rewarding and hopefully everyone loves it (or at least, doesn't hate it!).

I applied for, and was chosen, for a special duty assignment with the military that is going to take me and my kids half-way around the world where we will live for two years.

It's a job I've been trying to get for close to fifteen years and I am beyond excited about it. I'm a little nervous about taking my kids overseas, not because of where we're going or the currently world climate, but because it's taking them so far away from their aunt & uncles, grandparents, and cousins – something I missed during my own childhood growing up overseas.

But then I think about all the exciting and wonderful things they're going to get to experience at such a young age. Experiences that will hopefully make them more sympathetic and understanding young adults and adults.

2017 promises to be an interesting year, to say the least. I hope it brings you peace, joy and prosperity.

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