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Standing Invitation #MFRWAuthor

This week's writing prompt asks us to name five authors (dead or alive) that we'd like to meet.

My first thought was, “I have to narrow it down to only five?” Then I thought, “Oh My God…which five? What if an author I really like reads this and gets offended that I didn't pick them?” Which was quickly followed by, “They're never going to read this.”

So here are my five (in absolutely no order):

James Rollins. I've been able to ask him a quick question when he sat on a panel at the Romantic Times convention in 2016, but I want to pick his brain. I want to sit the corner of his writing space and watch him research and write a book (in a non-creepy way). The level of detail in his books always makes me question what is fiction and what is fact.

Robert Jordan. Mostly I want to yell at him for passing away before he finished The Wheel of Time series. Then I want to interrogate him on his world building process. Really, this goes for any fantasy author who build series and worlds. Again, it comes down to process.

Kristen Ashley. I met her at a Rock Chick signing in Alexandria, VA but I want to hang out with her. Grab a drink. Crash a biker party. Wherever the night takes us.

Steven King. Because his books are really, really creepy.

Harper Lee. She only published two books, and one of those was not until she was well into her 80s. She avoided the fame associated with To Kill A Mockingbird, but I would love to know how she feels to be the author of a book whose influence is still relevant almost sixty years after it was released.

Those are my five. They are in no way inclusive of all the authors I would fan-girl over, but I wanted to have an author from as many genres I enjoy reading as I could.

Who would you trip over your own feet to meet?

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